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Copenhagen, 28 February, 2024

Press release

YAVICA increases global presence through strategic partnership with RealFoundations

YAVICA, an emerging real estate business solutions leader, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with RealFoundations, a global professional services firm dedicated exclusively to the real estate industry. Building this partnership is a crucial part of YAVICA's strategy to increase its global presence by expanding its footprint in the North American market and establish its position as a significant player, offering real estate and property management solutions that leverage Microsoft Dynamics technology.

RealFoundations is known for its focused commitment to the real estate sector, providing management consulting and managed services that empower companies to make smarter, more profitable decisions.  Working for and collaborating with over 500 real estate companies globally, RealFoundations delivers solutions that address some of the industry’s most challenging problems. Their approach is grounded in the belief that technology should empower an organization, providing the flexibility to transform the platform without compromising operational philosophy.

Phillip McCorkle
Phillip McCorkle

Phillip McCorkle, CEO of RealFoundations’ Management Consulting Services, speaks to the firm’s new strategic relationship with YAVICA: “RealFoundations’ mission remains focused on making real estate run better, which is why we view the entire industry as our client. We have closely observed YAVICA’s expansion across Europe and are excited to be among a short list of partners selected to help accelerate their growth objectives. Our industry benefits from competition that introduces new ideas and forces incumbent technologies to work harder, think smarter, and serve customers better.”

"YAVICA’s commercial real estate capabilities, centered on Microsoft’s comprehensive ecosystem, provide an intriguing and differentiating alternative to technologies more familiar to us in the U.S."

– Phillip McCorkle, CEO – Management Consulting at RealFoundations

This partnership matches YAVICA’s innovative solutions with RealFoundations’ extensive knowledge of the real estate industry, including its systems, tools, and processes. RealFoundations’ belief in the power of competition and their recognition of YAVICA underscores the strategic synergy between the two firms. YAVICA’s software offerings, deeply integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft technology stack, become a natural option for clients looking to optimize their real estate operations.

Mads Pihl Sørensen, CEO of YAVICA
Mads Pihl Sørensen

Mads Pihl Sørensen, CEO of YAVICA, speaks to the importance of this partnership: “RealFoundations is widely recognized as one of the top advisers in this space, and their combination of industry and Microsoft knowledge will help us create even more value for our clients in North America and beyond. Their broad expertise and range of services complement ours, ensuring that our clients receive well-implemented industry solutions that meet their specific needs.”

"Partnering with RealFoundations not only validates YAVICA as a strong player in the real estate technology market but also significantly enhances our ability to serve our clients on a local level."

– Mads Pihl Sørensen, CEO of YAVICA

By combining YAVICA’s advanced technology with RealFoundations’ strategic and operational expertise, clients will have exceptional support in managing the complexities of the real estate market.


Mads Pihl Sørensen CEO – YAVICA, +45 42 42 02 82

Phillip McCorkle, CEO – Management Consulting, RealFoundations, +1 214 292 7030

RealFoundations is the world’s foremost professional services firm focused solely on the real estate industry. Through our delivery of Management Consulting and Managed Services, we help companies that develop, own, operate, service or invest in real estate make better, more profitable decisions. We are proud partners to over 500 real estate companies around the globe, providing accelerated solutions that solve some of real estate’s most complex challenges. We Make Real Estate Run Better.

YAVICA is a global real estate software company offering end-to-end real estate solutions in Microsoft Dynamics 365. With a rare breed of tech-savvy industry experts, YAVICA’s mission is to enable businesses in the real estate industry to achieve more through Microsoft technology. 

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