YAVICA Data Management

Better data governance for large companies.

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 add-on

Built to solve niche needs for big data management.

A solution built for

Real Estate

Financial Services



"With YAVICA Data Management, you save time and secure data integrity across the environment."

– Luise Simonsen Raine, CCO

A company grouping extension

Group companies and relate to a master company.​​

Enhanced data sharing capabilities

Share data according to business types, regions or on a global level.​​

Future-proofing real estate businesses

Built on the leading business platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365

“For proper analysis you need proper data. Converting to Microsoft Dynamics365 and Yavica FlexProperty has unequivocally improved our data flow, the quality of the data and, hence, given us the opportunity to incline data-driven decisions”


Joost Bromelow
Head of IT, Atrium European Real Estate

“Our partnership with YAVICA will help us increase the digitisation degree and to reach a true breakthrough, that is the data integration of our most important processes. This achievement will make us more adaptable and prepared to offer our tenants and clients the best services”


Oana Laza
Chief Digital Office, NEPI Rockcastle

Better data insights and control.​

Manage large amounts of data with company groupings, hierarchal structures and enhanced reporting.

Automate repetitive and manual tasks.​

Logs data already processed and updates existing records.

Enable a single or multiple sources of truth. ​

We give you the flexibility to choose what works for you.

Small investment, big impact.​

Once the software is setup, it requires little maintenance and updates.

Advanced user permissions.​

YAVICA Data Management is built to work with standard dynamics security settings. 

Who we are

We’re experts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for real estate and we want to provide visionary companies a platform to innovate the industry. ​​

A rare breed of tech-savvy industry experts

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Implement a fully tailored or a pre-configurated setup.​

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Data management​

Manage large amounts of data with company groupings, hierarchal structures and enhanced reporting.


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