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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Real Estate: Why You Want It

The core business solution is the backbone of every company. At its best, it unifies people, processes, and technology across the organisation so that businesses work efficiently and in unison towards a common goal and helps realise visionary dreams. But real estate is not like any other business and finding the right business solution for real estate can be overwhelming. We've built our solution for Microsoft Dynamics and in this article, we’ll share the reason why you’ll want it for your commercial or residential real estate organisation.

Before we get into the details about what makes Microsoft the best business solution for visionary real estate companies, you’ll need to understand the nature of the providers. The simplest way to explain this is from a business process perspective.

There are two main processes in every organisation:

  • Primary Processes: Your company’s raison d’étre, also known as the core processes of the organisation. Without these, there would be no company. In real estate that would be to invest in – and rent out properties, simply put.
  • Secondary processes, also known as supporting processes, is everything else needed for primary processes to even occur, that would be HR, IT management, finance, facility management, and so on.

Niche industry solutions are built on a real estate primary processes-first logic, which means they were born to solve real estate’s primary processes.

Microsoft takes on a completely different strategy: They want to be market leaders on secondary processes and let ISVs (Independent Software Vendors like YAVICA) solve industry-specific primary processes by allowing them to build software that integrates seamlessly with their ERP and CRM solutions.

The hidden gems

At first, Microsoft’s strategy might seem like a second-best option for the real estate industry. But consider this:

Microsoft’s business strategy makes them relevant for all industries. Their market share for ERP Software is a staggering 49% (#2,  Oracle, is only at 18%). That means their ERP system is not only market leader, it has gone through some serious proofing with over 70,000 companies using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In practice this means:

  • There is more Dynamics 365 talent and implementation partners, 
  • with such a large and diverse customer portfolio for 30 years, Microsoft won’t go out of business anytime soon, if ever.
  • software bugs and challenges are probably solved before you notice them, just as they’ve probably been through every possible case and scenario.
  • with their cloud-solution, bug-fixes and updates magically happens at night.
  • Microsoft Windows is the dominant desktop operating system (OS) worldwide, with a share of just over 76 percent, which means most people in the world (your staff) are already familiar with the Microsoft interface 

Microsoft also invests heavily to stay market leader across business needs which has resulted in Gartner, an IT consulting firm famous for their Magic Quadrants®, placing Microsoft as market leader and visionary across multiple business solution disciplines again and again.

With such a strong market presence the last 30 years and competitive positioning across business solution disciplines, it makes sense for visionary software vendors to bet their business on building software that integrates with Microsoft.


Today there exists over 90,000 ISVs for the Microsoft environment from horizontal solutions like treasury and banking automation SK Global to vertical, industry-specific solutions like YAVICA. So no matter the dreams or visions a business has, that be effectiveness, environmental, customer success etc., there’s an embedded solution for it.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Real Estate

So the title is actually deceiving – there is no Microsoft Dynamics 365 for real estate per se. However, what does exist, is a market leading ERP and CRM solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365, combined with our deeply embedded real estate ISV component, FlexProperty. A best-of-breed solution. Let’s have a look at what makes this couple so unique.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Formerly known as Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O is Microsoft’s most robust business management solution. It’s Microsoft’s award-winning flagship enterprise resource planning suite – a comprehensive ERP solution designed to take full advantage of the power of the cloud and help even the largest organisations to structure and automate their business processes faster.


Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations helps your company manage global expansion, complex financial structures, project budgeting and forecasting, scaling your processes, and get complete business intelligence – all within a modern user interface.


It’s hosted in Microsoft Azure cloud and integrated with Office 365, Power BI, Common Data Services (CDS) and many other Microsoft services.

Microsoft AppSource - endless integration

Dynamics 365 is also easily customised using a variety of existing solutions available on Microsoft AppSource (ISVs) – including YAVICA’s FlexProperty and Loan Management Solutions. Like adding personalised apps to your smartphone, even the most visionary and progressive real estate organisations can realise dreams and goals through the almost endless catalogue of existing add-on solutions.

Tapping into the pool of endless integrations requires very little (if any) development investment from your organisation, reducing risk and resources, and best of all, also means the world’s greatest shortcut between ideas and implementation (any business developer in a large organisation will know how valuable that is).

YAVICA's end-to-end real estate solution

The real magic for commercial and residential real estate happens with our solutions FlexProperty, YAVICA Loan Management and YAVICA Data Management. Why? Because we solve the industry’s primary processes and seamlessly bridge data between ERP and CRM, leaving our clients with a world-class 360-degree real estate solution.

And we’re proud to call ourselves Microsoft Gold Partners, which means our employees and solutions meet Microsoft’s most advanced certification requirements as an Independent Software Vendor. And we’re not just doing it for bragging purposes; it’s part of our DNA and your insurance that what we build is a state-of-the-art solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

“Spades of know-how, consistency and great personal support sums it up”


Joost Bromelow
CFO, Atrium European Real Estate

We’re a rare breed of Microsoft savvy professionals with a long history in real estate. We know the ins- and outs of commercial and residential real estate so we can solve even the most complex business challenges and visionary ideas.


But here’s a not-so-secret secret: we cheat a bit to fuel our customers’ visionary ideas. Here’s how we do it:


Microsoft’s innovative Power Platform is a no-code development and hosting platform for building modern, secure and data-centric business websites based on data from the ERP and CRM system. It’s designed to augment work processes and is tailored to each organisational need.

At YAVICA we’ve helped a large residential real estate client create an app for on-site move-out inspection reporting that logs directly and in real-time into their ERP and CRM system. With an automated business process flow setup, it automatically sends a copy to the tenant and books facility services needed before the next tenant can move-in.

The no-code app programming gives endless opportunities for real estate organisations to improve efficiency and who doesn’t like to work in a system that also makes your work-life easier?

Azure AI – Artificial Intelligence Service

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are all set to dictate the future of technology and the battle for competitive advantage also in real estate will inevitable boil down to an organisations ability to not only innovate but also to be smart about it.


Azure AI empowers users with the most advanced machine learning capabilities and allows them to uncover insights and build, train and deploy learning models that can streamline the work system at the speed of light.  Microsoft AI services will for example spot repetitive processes or out-of-the-ordinary events – sometimes with a little help from IoTs.

Azure IoT

The Azure Internet of Things (IoT) is a collection of Microsoft-managed cloud services that connect, monitor, and control billions of IoT assets. This is a well of opportunity in real estate. With video stream analytics, for example, an alarm can sound if there’s unusual activities like a person laying on the ground (useful at elderly homes) or individuals lodging in apartment staircases (typical signs of drug-dealing).


Other examples include automatic indoor climate regulation for healthier work and living environments, energy intelligence systems optimising resources, better space utilisation by monitoring user flows and room usage, and so on.

Beyond data integration

That’s a lot of data. But what’s data worth if you can’t act on it because it’s scattered, duplicated, or not matching? Absolutely nothing.


Like a magician’s final and most impressing magic trick, this is the cherry on top and really what differentiates Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Real Estate from niche industry solutions: All your data is in one solution by origin. That means it goes beyond third party data integrations (which most often fail anyway), instead, data is being created directly in the business solution by design. With only one data source, data is identical and transparent across business units and industry-specific reporting is unified with your business reporting.


Welcome to the future of real estate reporting and data-driven decision making.

Convinced yet?

At the end of the day, even real estate businesses rely on their supportive processes to be competitive. So the question is, would you rather bet your business’ future on a limited niche solution or a world-leading business management solution with an end-to-end real estate component?




The end-to-end real estate solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365.  


Data management​

Manage large amounts of data with company groupings, hierarchal structures and enhanced reporting.


Loan management​

A scalable solution to process, handle and optimise large volumes of debts and commitments in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Selected Clients

Agchem Manufactoring Corporation
Al Mana Group
Al Murjan
Al-Bawani Ltd. Company
Amot Investments Limited
Anthem Properties
Atrium Group Services
Britomart (Cooper & Co)
CPI Czech Property Investment

Credit Suisse
Emperor Group
Food Folks Group
Golden Rain of Laguna Woods
INGKA Centres
Kuwait Real Estate Company
Melbourne Airport
Mivne Group/Jerusalem Economy Ltd

Morocco Mall
Muzzo Group
NEPI Rockcastle
Port of Long Beach
Rockwell Land Corporation
Sofia South Ring Mall
Industrials REIT

Tartu City Government
Tinline (Cephas Management)
Tishman Speyer
Udviklingsselskabet By og Havn
Wafra Real Estate
Workspace Group
Zawaya Real Estate

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