Yavica offers FlexProperty Microsoft Dynamics 365 for real estate. It is a single, integrated, all-in-one system that covers all aspects of property management, automates manual processes and eliminates duplicate information.

FlexProperty is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, an integrated, adaptable and performance business management platform.

FlexProperty is a business solution built to address the requirements of today’s international property owners and property management companies


An integrated, all-in-one solution for effective property management. Drive efficiencies and cost savings by automating manual processes, significantly reducing the risk of errors


Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations with Microsoft products and technologies


Address the requirements of today’s international property owners and property management companies


As an integrated platform, FlexProperty provides full visibility into all property and lease portfolios, as well as comprehensive reporting and analysis tools


Flexible lease management and day-to-day property management, including lease administration for land and buildings, allocating expenses to the tenants, as well as handling rental billing and changes to rental services and fees


FlexProperty user interface allows for true self service business intelligence capabilities, enabling management to make faster and better decisions

Day-to-day Property Management

FlexProperty manages the day-to-day property management processes including lease administration for land and buildings, allocating expences to the tenants, as well as handling rental billing and changes to rental services and fees. FlexProperty automates these processes, significantly improving efficiency and reducing the risk of errors.

The property module holds information such as location, floors, total building area and individual unit areas (split into different area types), property tax, value assessment, property managers, stakeholders, managers, facilities, history log etc. Property information can be used when drawing up contracts/ leases.

The central component of the solution is the contract (lease agreement). The contract holds the information about the lease agreement to which an unlimited number of lines of different types of a contract can be attached. For example, lease lines (with or without different units) for apartments, offices, retail, maintenance, electricity, prepayments, deposits, etc. On the individual lease line, information such as lease terms, conditions, adjustments, prices and periods are used, as a starting point, for invoicing.

Utilities billing can be handled, both as flat rate payments and as prepayments, with meters attached to the lease line. Registration of actual meter readings are compared to the prepayments to create the reconciliation/final settlement of the consumptions.

The fee billing functionality handles management fees, franchises, commissions etc. Rules can be set up for calculating fees like percentage breakpoints. Any table in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations can be used as the basis for the fee calculation (e.g. projects, cash receipts, revenue, etc.). Automated fee calculation and billing are also managed, including automated intercompany posting.

The percentage rent (turnover rent) functionality can be utilized for a number of functions, such as handling breakpoint and percentage set-up and percentage rent calculation, related to the lease line. It also offers flexible configuration of reporting and billing periods and centralized control over actual turnover reporting. Actual tenant sales (turnover) can be captured manually or by importing the data.

Calculation of rentals and fees uses a comprehensive price/rate setup. There is an optional setup of billing frequency (e.g. monthly, quarterly, oneoff etc.), starting period and collection cycle. Price adjustment for the leases, including step rent and indexation can also be managed.

This includes the setup of different cost pools for different purposes (e.g. retail tenants or all tenants). The module also offers the option to manage multiple cost pools/allocation rules per property. Expense types such as cleaning, maintenance, security, marketing etc., can be set up as needed and vendor invoices, prepayments and reconciliation of expenses can also be captured.

Depending on the parameter setup and approval procedures, single or multiple invoice proposals can be generated automatically by a single keystroke for all legal entities or a subset of legal entities. The calculation also includes rent increase during the period, retrospective changes in agreements, billing frequency and prepayments. After generating the invoice proposals, it is possible to perform a single or mass approval and transfer the proposal for the final invoicing.