Our mission

We want to provide visionary real estate companies with a platform to innovate the industry.

Mads PIhl Sørensen speaker

Our origin

Yavica was founded by experienced leaders and consultants.​

Back in 2017, a team of industry experts and technology savvy professionals founded Yavica. After extensive experience in multinational organisations such as Microsoft, CGI, PwC, these leaders came together to fulfill a dream of enabling real estate firms with technology.

A rare breed of industry experts

A growing tribe of seasoned professionals.​

We’re more than 100 passionate members of the Yavica team spread across offices worldwide from Asia to Europe to North America.

Our organisation consists of multiple nationalities and age variety which forms a dynamic team filled with great competencies and personalities, but all passionate about the real estate industry and the technology that fuels it.

“Every time we presented the Yavica delivery team with a challenge or complex scenario, they listened and solved it straight away. They were always there”.

Jahanzeb Umair
Product Manager,
Melbourne Airport

“Spades of know-how, consistency and great personal support sums it up”

Joost Bromelow
Head of IT, Atrium
European Real Estate

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If you have a question or inquiry then drop us a few details and we will get in touch. 


There are jobs – and then there are careers and the prospect of being surrounded by smart, ambitious and motivated people day-in and day-out.

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The management team

A group of passionate people leading Yavica to deliver excellent results for customers and the industry.

Mads Pihl Sørensen

Ditte Ruud

Jacques Mattioli

Luise Simonsen Raine
CCO, Yavica Software

Henrik Danielsen
Product Manager

Louise Mølgaard

Tracey Frazzetta,
Managing Director, North America

Per Jørgensen,

Rhyno Adendorff,
Managing Director, MEA

Jacob Wulff,
Managing Director, Scandinavia

"I’m proud to lead a team so dedicated to make results for our clients. Their passion, professionalism and commitment as a team and as individuals is unique."​

– Ditte Ruud, COO

“The work is as much about challenging the customers, as much as delivering what they need. To me, the best thing is to work with co-workers that understand the business first, and IT second. This leads to finding the best way rather than standard-fits-all.”


Nicolaj Nybo
Senior Functional Consultant Yavica

“There is a culture of transparency here and employees are treated as the most important asset – from looking internally first to promote, to being empathetic towards people’s circumstances – there has always been a sense of being taken care of. I am excited about the continuous opportunities being provided and look forward to growing together.”

Smiling millennial male group leader stand in office talking with colleagues, discuss ideas, diverse employees brainstorm in shared space engaged in motivational teambuilding meeting with boss

Aparajita Chaba
Senior Functional Consultant Yavica

“I’m very excited about working for Yavica. We have products that make a huge difference for our clients and our clients’ customers and tenants and that makes my job very purposeful.”

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Louise Mølgaard
CMO, Yavica



People are the backbone of our business. We want to foster a healthy and supportive culture internally as well as in our customer and partner relations. 


We do the right thing — also when no one is watching. We are admired and respected for our commitment to follow through and doing what is right, not necessarily easy.  


As a global company, it’s important to us that all our stakeholders experience consistency in everything we do and all that we are.


We are committed to openness in all situations – even when we fail. We believe in clear communication in due time and to take responsibility for our actions and our products. 


We demonstrate respect in all our interactions and address and resolve matters in a positive and constructive way.