YAVICA Loan Management

A scalable solution for handling debts in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Efficiency, transparency and control

Automate and streamline business processes with workflows.

Boost financial competitiveness

Optimise credit facilities and inter-company loans.

A solution for

Real Estate

Financial Services



Forecast future principal and interest payments.

Avoid penalty charges with cashflow insights and control. 

Integrate with accounts receivable and payable modules.

Improve efficiency by automating finance processes. 

Manage loan terms and conditions.

Empower your organisation with transparency and overview of even the smallest details. 

Comply with industry-specific standards and regulations.

Local and global compliance made easy.

Work smarter with loan management workspaces.

Save time with our tailored navigation dashboard featuring one-click access to regular tasks.

Flexibility in loans handling.

Process loans from a lender or borrower role.

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Our end-to-end real estate solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365.  


Data management​

Manage large amounts of data with company groupings, hierarchal structures and enhanced reporting.


Loan management​

A scalable solution to process, handle and optimise large volumes of debts and commitments in Microsoft Dynamics 365.