Powered by Microsoft, there’s an exciting alternative platform for real estate visionaries in North America.

For decades, a handful of dominant real estate platform providers have overshadowed smaller property management software solutions in the North American market. However, Microsoft has joined this elite circle, offering a global end-to-end platform tailored specifically to the real estate industry with embedded components by YAVICA.

With the decline in mall foot traffic, stagnant office returns, and the emergence of Gen Z in the rental market, real estate companies are compelled to reevaluate their business models, tenant mixes, and competitive strategies. Digital transformation in the real estate sector has become imperative to effectively navigate these shifts in demand. The question arises: Does your current business platform facilitate such innovation and transformation?

“You will not be competitive in the long run without a technological environment that is flexible and innovative, capable of adapting to a constantly evolving market while supporting your business growth.”


Tracey Frazzetta,

Managing Director of North American Market at YAVICA

If your real estate business relies on an industry-specific solution, chances are the answer to that question is a resounding “no.” Moreover, common problems associated with oligopolies, such as slow innovation, limited customer options, and high prices, have reached critical levels in the real estate industry. These issues have been highlighted in online customer reviews and private conversations during North American networking events. In response, we proudly present an alternative option: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Real Estate

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Real Estate

While single-industry solutions are typically designed solely with real estate processes in mind, Microsoft has taken a broader approach. By providing a powerful business platform and partnering with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) like YAVICA, Microsoft allows for the direct embedding of industry-specific functionality.

The result is an end-to-end business solution that addresses property management needs and unifies people, processes, and technology across the entire organization, offering a comprehensive 360-degree real estate business solution.

“In today's real estate industry, businesses require more than just traditional real estate software. They need a comprehensive end-to-end solution that embraces innovation and seamless integration. They also need to simplify their environment and drive decisions from one data source. D365 and YAVICA can give them that flexibility and power.”


Mads Pihl Sørensen


Furthermore, by tapping into the pool of endless integrations available in Microsoft AppSource, companies can experience the world’s greatest shortcut between ideas and implementation. If a specific solution is not offered among the 90,000+ ISVs, Microsoft’s no-code programming platform, PowerApps, can solve the issue in a heartbeat and requires very little (if any) development investment.

Its open and integrating strategy sets Microsoft apart from other major real estate software providers. With Microsoft, your company retains ownership of its data and you gain access to endless opportunities for competitive advantage through third-party embedded apps and Microsoft applications such as Azure AI, Azure IoT, PowerApps, Power BI, Power Automate, and more.

“It’s like the undercarriage of your car - you don’t see it, but it's what gets you there.”


Tracey Frazzetta,

Managing Director of North American Market at YAVICA

Investing in the Microsoft Dynamics platform for your real estate company is essentially wiring your business with a secure, long-term, cost-effective platform – prepared to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Introducing YAVICA: Empowering Real Estate Companies with Unmatched Flexibility

With six years of experience, YAVICA has rapidly gained momentum in the market. The FlexProperty solution has been successfully implemented by leading real estate companies in North America and worldwide. Notable businesses such as Industrials REIT, Tishman Speyer, Credit Suisse, Workspace, Atrium Real Estate, Melbourne Airport, and INGKA centers (IKEA) have harnessed the power of YAVICA’s solution.

By expanding Microsoft Dynamics’ standard applications with world-class real estate components, YAVICA enables real estate companies to manage all business operations from a single platform, seamlessly integrating back-office activities with front-office operations. And since YAVICA has bridged Microsoft’s ERP and CRM systems, alignment, transparency, and stakeholder reporting has never been easier.  

“We wanted to grow our businesses with cutting-edge software that drives us towards more efficiency and better customer solutions. YAVICA had all the necessary functionalities and was the best fit for our needs.”

Dave Benson

CFO, Workspace

YAVICA recently opened its first office in the region to better serve the North American market. With a growing customer base and a strong market interest, establishing a local office was a natural progression.

“Many North American real estate companies are starving for alternatives to the systems they already know. Having other options is a great thing, especially in a time where companies need to be innovative, explore new ways of using their data, and easily integrate with other solutions.”


Tracey Frazzetta,

Managing Director of North American Market at YAVICA

The Microsoft Dynamics and YAVICA platform is designed for companies that seek to:

  • Reduce long-term operating costs
  • Maintain ownership of their data and leverage single-sourced data for reporting
  • Operate on a fully embedded, end-to-end business solution
  • Simplify their business environment
  • Embrace a platform that supports new business models
  • Seamlessly integrate with third-party suppliers through embedded solutions
  • Capitalize on market-leading AI and IoT technology
  • Leverage the flexibility and power offered by Microsoft




The end-to-end real estate solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365.  


Data management​

Manage large amounts of data with company groupings, hierarchal structures and enhanced reporting.


Loan management​

A scalable solution to process, handle and optimise large volumes of debts and commitments in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Selected Clients

Agchem Manufactoring Corporation
Al Mana Group
Al Murjan
Al-Bawani Ltd. Company
Amot Investments Limited
Anthem Properties
Atrium Group Services
Britomart (Cooper & Co)
CPI Czech Property Investment

Credit Suisse
Emperor Group
Food Folks Group
Golden Rain of Laguna Woods
INGKA Centres
Kuwait Real Estate Company
Melbourne Airport
Mivne Group/Jerusalem Economy Ltd

Morocco Mall
Muzzo Group
NEPI Rockcastle
Port of Long Beach
Rockwell Land Corporation
Sofia South Ring Mall
Industrials REIT

Tartu City Government
Tinline (Cephas Management)
Tishman Speyer
Udviklingsselskabet By og Havn
Wafra Real Estate
Workspace Group
Zawaya Real Estate

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