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YAVICA’s release schedule changes in 2024: a comprehensive overview

In 2024, YAVICA will undergo a significant change in its release schedule. This decision is driven by a commitment to delivering high-quality product updates and aligns with Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O's new release strategy. This article details the planned changes, their rationale, and the impact on YAVICA’s service updates and release processes.

Targeted Release Schedule

Historically, YAVICA has released product updates six times a year to stay in line with Microsoft’s eight annual releases. However, due to Microsoft’s transition to four major releases per year, YAVICA is recalibrating its approach.


Starting from February 2024, YAVICA will shift to a quarterly release schedule. These updates will occur at the end of February, May, August, and November. The purpose is to streamline the release process and enhance the quality of each release for all YAVICA products: FlexProperty F&O, FlexProperty CE, Data Management, Loan Management and Invoice Workflow.

The release schedule for 2024 is:

The decision to modify the release schedule comes after extensive discussions with major clients and YAVICA implementation teams. The new schedule will better accommodate the testing phase that clients undergo after each Microsoft and YAVICA release to ensure their business operations continue smoothly. 

Release Processes

YAVICA’s release process is designed to ensure consistency across its product suite. This coordinated approach is due to the underlying structure of YAVICA’s software architecture, specifically the YAVICA Foundation. Releasing all products simultaneously ensures that every update is compatible and functions effectively with the shared foundation. In addition to the major releases, the schedule includes Critical Updates (CUs) for significant bug fixes, ensuring continuous system stability and reliability.

Influence on Clients

Most clients won’t be impacted by this change, as they typically adopt two mandatory service updates each year, both from Microsoft and YAVICA, in accordance with Microsoft’s requirements. These ensure users stay compliant and benefit from the latest feature enhancements and security updates.


In this scenario, planning and communication become essential, especially for clients expecting specific new features. YAVICA offers a ‘wish list’, allowing clients to request new functionalities, which are then evaluated by the product teams for broader applicability.

Quality and Planning

Detailed planning goes into each release, with a two-week code freeze before launch for testing and to resolve any issues. YAVICA conducts web sessions after each release, allowing clients to preview upcoming features and raise questions.

Clients also get insights into future developments and features through the product roadmap. Regular status meetings with clients ensure the alignment of the product with industry trends and client needs. Additionally, user groups for each market are being established to foster community discussions and feedback.

Overall, the 2024 release schedule change for YAVICA reflects a strategic move towards enhancing the quality of updates and achieving better alignment with Microsoft’s new release pattern.




The end-to-end real estate solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365.  


Data management​

Manage large amounts of data with company groupings, hierarchal structures and enhanced reporting.


Loan management​

A scalable solution to process, handle and optimise large volumes of debts and commitments in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Selected Clients

Agchem Manufactoring Corporation
Al Mana Group
Al Murjan
Al-Bawani Ltd. Company
Amot Investments Limited
Anthem Properties
Atrium Group Services
Britomart (Cooper & Co)
CPI Czech Property Investment

Credit Suisse
Emperor Group
Food Folks Group
Golden Rain of Laguna Woods
INGKA Centres
Kuwait Real Estate Company
Melbourne Airport
Mivne Group/Jerusalem Economy Ltd

Morocco Mall
Muzzo Group
NEPI Rockcastle
Port of Long Beach
Rockwell Land Corporation
Sofia South Ring Mall
Industrials REIT

Tartu City Government
Tinline (Cephas Management)
Tishman Speyer
Udviklingsselskabet By og Havn
Wafra Real Estate
Workspace Group
Zawaya Real Estate

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