Copenhagen, 29 November, 2022
Press Release

YAVICA launches major rebrand to support global expansion.

YAVICA unveils its new brand identity reflecting the company’s accelerated growth, offerings to the market and corporate values.

In the last five years, the CGI spin-out, YAVICA, who’s offering end-to-end real estate functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365, has matured its offerings and won major visionary real estate customers like Deas, Industrials REIT, Nepi Rockcastle, IKEA centres, and more. The timing of the new corporate brand aligns with the significant transformation that is taking place across the organisation as the company has initiated global expansion.

“The rebrand and launch of the new website represents our ambitions and reflects who we have become and where we want to go” says Mads Pihl Sørensen, Founder and CEO of YAVICA.


While the new brand is still rooted in the company’s heritage, technology, and people, it’s also a stepping stone in the company’s mission in becoming an established and recognised player in the global real estate market.


Deliberate positioning and better connection to target audience

The new brand was launched today with a new logo and website meant to strengthen YAVICA’s brand positioning in the international market and kick-off the beginning of a large brand awareness campaign in the U.K. and U.S. The improved website will also provide much better information about Yavica’s product and service offerings along with valuable resources to customers and stakeholders in the real estate industry.

“Today, we have launched a new brand and platform that will enable us to better connect with our target audiences. Besides a new visual identity, we’ve also completely changed how we communicate about our rather complex offerings, so it’s easier for stakeholders to understand our business, solutions, culture, and commitment to our people” says Louise Mølgaard, CMO at YAVICA.

New Logo: A prominent representation of the company, people and brand, the new logo is minimalistic, corporate, and straight-forward.

“The logo is one of the strongest visual assets a company has, and we’ve come up with a logo that is very distinct from our competitors and that reflects who we are and how we work” says Louise Mølgaard.

New brand colours and visuals: YAVICA has kept their distinct orange signature colour but given it a more modern and energetic shade, and introduced a wider colour palette to the existing Scandinavian look-and-feel, symbolising the many facets characterising YAVICA.

The rest of the new brand will be rolled-out and activated over the coming weeks and months. 

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