Empowering real estate with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Navigate de future of real estate with YAVICA’s suite of solutions

Empowering real estate with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Navigate de future of real estate with YAVICA’s suite of solutions


Empowering real estate with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Navigate de future of real estate with YAVICA’s suite of solutions

YAVICA: A world of innovation and real estate knowledge

As a Microsoft Solutions partner, YAVICA leads the way in providing real estate property management tools. On top of Microsoft’s well-established systems for managing business resources and customer relationships, YAVICA adds specialized features for real estate to offer a straightforward and unique solution for businesses.

FlexProperty F&O

The ERP solution tailored for real estate back-office operations

FlexProperty CE

A front-office solution that puts client relationships first

Data Management

Centralised data management for clarity and control

Loan Management

Comprehensive loan and financial instrument management

Invoice Automation

Easy invoice management and payment automation for real estate

Our organization consists of multiple nationalities and ages, forming a dynamic team of innovative thinkers.


The power of Microsoft in Real Estate

Real estate companies prioritize streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly environments in their digital tools. This need for simplicity is met by the Microsoft ecosystem, which offers a comprehensive solution centered around Dynamics 365 and complemented by other Microsoft services, such as Power BI, Power Apps, and Microsoft Flow.

Unlike conventional tool stacks that often necessitate the combination of multiple separate applications, the Microsoft ecosystem seamlessly connects various functions, reducing the need for extensive integration efforts to enable smoother operation.

How YAVICA amplifies the power of Microsoft for real estate companies

YAVICA enhances Microsoft Dynamics 365 by focusing on the real estate industry’s primary processes. From investment and leasing to facility management and beyond, our solutions handle end-to-end requirements with precision and ease.

We provide you with a powerful engine that has been enhanced to speak directly to real estate. We know what is specific to the industry.

One platform. One dataset.

One user experience.

YAVICA - Real estate layer

POWER PLATFORM - No-code innovation

DYNAMICS 365 - The foundation

ERP – Finance & Operations

Power Platform

CRM - Customer Engagement

FlexProperty by YAVICA:

A specialized real estate property management solution

FlexProperty is a complete business management tool crafted for the real estate industry. Embedded within Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 framework, it offers a smooth, integrated experience for managing all real estate operations.

Microsoft Dynamics - Property management

Key Features of FlexProperty:


Streamline real estate business processes, integrating both backend and client engagement functionalities.

Property and Lease Management

Efficiently handle property portfolios, lease agreements, and related documentation

Financial Management

Strong focus on accounting, budgeting, and financial analysis tailored for real estate.

Tenant Relationship Management

Enhance tenant interactions and satisfaction through dedicated communication channels.

Your Advantage:

FlexProperty delivers a robust, integrated, and user-friendly solution, ensuring operational efficiency, financial transparency, and enhanced tenant relations in the real estate sector.

Adaptable Integration

Designed for easy incorporation of specific needs and tools, ensuring flexibility in data management.

Tenant Satisfaction

Improved tenant services lead to stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

Informed Decision Making

Empowering data-driven insights on market trends and property management strategies.

Operational Excellence:

Simplifies management tasks, reducing overheads and increasing productivity.

Data Ownership and Access

Guarantees full ownership and control over your data, offering transparency and ease of use.

Financial Clarity:

Offers detailed insights into financial health, aiding in better strategic decisions.

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