We are experts on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Real Estate

FlexProperty for Real Estate

An all-in-one solution in Microsoft Dynamics that covers all aspects of property and contract management

Company Grouping

Enables grouping of legal entities for multi-purpose driven scenarios such as cross-company reporting

Data Management

Easily manage master data and reference data for many legal entities​

Financial Consolidation

Multilevel consolidation with track of source and origin of data​

Loan Management

Automate loan transactions, interest calculations, billing and tracking of loans​

We empower real estate companies with a system built to address the requirements and opportunities in global real estate property management.

Our software works out-of-the-box just like this gift of nature. 

Planting instructions

Insert the compost pellet into the container and fill with water until it is three quarters full. Within 2-3 minutes, the compost pellet will dissolve in the container. Now it‘s time to sow the seeds.

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Yves Cretegny
CFO, Axess Management