Yavica Data Management

Operating your business based on a large amount of companies leaves a challenge managing the
underlying master data. Dynamics 365 for Finance offers an out of the box solution for cross-company sharing of data along with Data Management and the feature for Export / import of data is used for maintenance of master data. This however has limitations both in the granularity of settings for sharing, the amount of records that can be copied and the scenarios that can be supported.

Working with a complex and/or comprehensive company structures leaves a challenge with the
standard functionality that Yavica seeking to fulfill through different add-ons one of them being a
tool for control and sharing of master data.

Yavica Data Management offers the flexibility to support; multiple company structures, working with master data in a hierarchical structure, unlimited amounts of templates, control / restriction of data edit in subscribing legal entities and thereby enforcing a single source of truth. The solution is built through 2 core elements:

1) A company grouping mechanism
2) A module for configuration of data sharing

Company grouping
Company grouping is a feature that enables the possibility to group companies for multiple
purposes where one of them might be as settings for Master Data Management.
Companies can then be grouped and related to a master company to which they should
subscribe for data.

Module for configuration of data sharing
Rules for sharing is done on tables and controlled down to field level in a dedicated module for
configuration of data sharing.

What are the benefits?

  • Easily manage master data and reference data for many legal entities with no explicit
    limitations of transaction volume.
  • A company grouping feature that allows you to work with as many source and subscriber
    companies you require.
  • Enable a sharing structure where a company can subscribe to master data from multiple
    different source companies.
  • Sharing of customers and vendors on individual record level. This enables the business to
    have one global overview of all customers and vendors that are only available in
    companies where they should be used.
  • Enable a single or multiple source of truth depending on you amount of source
    a. Control whether fields are view only or editable and controlling whether new
    records can be created in subscribing companies on tables where data is coming
    from a source / master company.
    b. Information message in subscriber companies when data is coming from a source
    c. Use color theme to visual indicate when one is working in a source company, so
    nothing gets changed accidentally.
  • Easily move configuration data between environments by transferring your data sharing
    settings from one environment to another with the use of data entities for export and
  • Automatic support of ISV solutions and customizations. Sharing of data is configured on
    table level and as soon as and ISV customization is installed they are available through
    their respective tables.

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