System Implementation

Add value to every interaction.

Microsoft Dynamics together with FlexProperty is powerful technology that can streamline processes, improve visibility, reduce costs, and completely change the way that your company does business—but it won’t happen overnight.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions encompass many complex front-and back-office systems, from accounting and inventory management to ecommerce and Customer Engagement, which can be integrated to create a seamless experience for end users.

With proper planning and execution, implementing Microsoft Dynamics for Operations and or Customer Engagements system should be a smooth process and quickly improve efficiency across your business.

Yavica has the business knowledge within the Real Estate business and accounting combined with full scale knowledge on the technologies and how to ensure a proper implementation from the scoping, first analysis workshop, data migration to Go Live!

We use the Microsoft Surestep Evolved Methodology which is a proven methodology to drive any successful ERP implementation from beginning to the end, and our team is highly skilled in the use of these tools.

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