"Yavica increases our productivity by 15% across the business"
Yves Cretegny

Finding the right solution

With limited insight, Axess Management lacked transparency in the market for real estate solutions. The company was looking for a software solution that was bigger than their national market and with a product already positioned and used in several other European countries.

The focal point will be to create more and better data because it strengthens the basis for decision-making and reduces the number of errors – remember: errors in the real estate sector are costly. Today, there is only little consensus in the Swiss real estate market about the systems in which you work. Errors occur when data from one system is transferred into another. We want to avoid that.

Solid Data Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Yavica’s Flexproperty provide a fully integrated end-to-end real estate solution. The platform enables Axess Management to have their own real estate data management platform for their different external partners. Gathering all the data in a single place will not only be time saving but also reduce errors, improve quality and the security of data and performance. Instead of implementing our customers’ data from another system and risk system difficulties, we let property managers from outside work in our system. The benefit is saved time and it ensures that the data lands safely and flawlessly.

Minimizing implementation time and costs

The implementation of FlexProperty with Yavica’s best practice pre-configured solution accommodated the need for lower costs and faster implementation time while still maintaining a significant functional potential, providing both a property management and an asset management solution, all in one. 

With a new Yavica platform, Axess Management is fully equipped to develop new services and business models. And due to the increased productivity because of Yavica, this should be possible even without increasing the number of employees.