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Axess management

Yves Cretegny
CFO, Axess Management

Axess management

Axess Management
1-50 employees
HQ: Switzerland 

Commercial Real Estate
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From a ‘Data-Cleaning Company’ to Leveraging Customer Value in Commercial and Corporate Real Estate – An Asset Management Case Story ​

Spun out of Real Stone, Axess Management is an asset management company fully dedicated to commercial and corporate real estate in Europe. The newly established company head quartered in Geneva, Switzerland, operates in the entire EU, but unlike typical asset management companies, they also chose to become property managers to better create value for tenants and customers.

To help leverage that strategy, Axess Management invested in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Yavica’s FlexProperty and Data Management Solution (YDM).

Finding a solution for data integration

One of the core needs for Axess Management to realise their goals of creating more value for tenants and customers was to integrate the vast amount of data collected from external partners.

“As an asset manager you’re really a data-cleaning company. You really try to integrate data from external partners that all work very differently. You do your best to structure processes, but everyone works in different systems and at different reporting intervals”.

As the focal point was to integrate data from all business areas and partnerships, Axess Management was looking for a solution that could fully integrate different tools and applications available on the market. Microsoft Dynamics 365 quickly became the business platform of choice and Axess Management was then looking for vertical real estate solutions built for the Microsoft platform.

“We found many American solutions that were not accustomed with the many national markets in EU– they didn’t understand the diversity you can find on the European market. But neither did we find a national solution that both provided asset management and property management.”

The company was looking for a software solution that was bigger than their Swiss national market and with a product already positioned and used in several other European countries. With a Microsoft-embedded solution deployed in 40+ countries, Axess Management turned their attention to Danish Yavica.

A rough start that also came with opportunities

Axess Management and Yavica only managed to meet once before implementation was initiated at the very beginning of the COVID-19.

The implementation phase took up huge work capacity at Axess Management and required more effort than the company expected.  Especially switching to remote implementation proved difficult for the small Axess Management team, recalls Yves Cretegny.

As Yavica was built on a remote-first principles from the get-go, few changes were needed on the delivery side. However, new opportunities began overshadowing the rough start for Axess Management as it also meant fewer travelling costs, a much wider availability from working online and all the other perks the world came to love from working remotely. Being a small company without an existing solution was also an advantage. As a new company, Axess Management had the opportunity to design work processes based on this software. They chose to deploy standard systems and processes which, according to Yves Cretegny, “simplified a lot of things”.

“Axess Real Estate Platform”


With an end-to-end asset and property management system in Microsoft Dynamics 365 the goal became to build a real estate platform with integrated data from all stakeholders and partners.


“This is where it becomes game-changing. Asset managers today spend a lot of time to reconcile the data you receive from external providers. We now have our own platform, Axess Real Estate Platform, where we provide that integrated tool. “

The company’s integrated asset- and property management approach is now leveraged through the embedded but open Microsoft ecosystem. For example, with a PowerBI integration they easily create data warehouse and business intelligence by simply fetching data from transactions in ERP and CRM.

“In the long term we’re really interested in the whole facility management and field management issues, especially digital tools that Microsoft has launched that we want to see connected with the scope of FlexProperty.”

The implementation of FlexProperty with Yavica’s best practice pre-configured solution accommodated the need for lower costs and faster implementation time while still maintaining a significant functional potential with both a property management and an asset management solution all-in-one. And with the new platform, Axess Management is now fully equipped to develop new services and business models to stay on top of the game in the future of commercial and corporate real estate. 

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